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Dec-O-Vent Charcoal Vent Unit

Dec-O-Vent Charcoal Vent Unit




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Dec-O-Vent Charcoal Vent Unit

Foundation vent well allows for ventilation, is durable and attractive. The unit has a grated lid to prevent debris and pests from entering crawl space areas. Unit comes with screws needed for assembly, a charcoal lid and support bar that attaches to the foundation-foundation screws not included.

Product Overview:

  • Dec-O-Vent unit is composed of high impact, lightweight, UV protected, ABS plastic that will not deteriorate, rust or corrode-creating a long life span
  • Dec-O-Vent’s design blocks pests and debris from entering foundation vent and enhances airflow under structures
  • Lid has a decorative image of an oak tree and fits nicely to into any landscaping, cement patios and walkways around buildings
  • Dec-O-Vent unit can be installed next to foundation and be held in place by back-filling the surrounding soil or there are flanges on each side of the main body that allow it to be screwed to the foundation using six #12 stainless steel screws (screws not included)
  • Durable unit can support over 700 lbs. and retains its stability when used with the optional extension of the main body- allowing for various finished grades
  • Easy install for new construction, remodels, landscaping and cement patios or sidewalks that surround building
  • Dec-O-Vent units solve the problem of unsightly sub grade foundation vents; the Dec-O-Vent unit will maintain protection of the crawl space area and add to the beauty of the home or building
  • Lid able to support up to 700 lbs.
  • UV protection of main components resists fading

For builders and suppliers, Dec-O-Vent solves a multitude of problems related to:

  • Proper blocking out of foundation vents when the ground in front of a vent needs to be blocked for adequate air supply.
  • The unit is stackable and will allow for any number of variations in height in order to achieve the desirable finish grade.
  • Has a two position drain plate built in for ease of adjustment and to carry any excess water that may enter the vent well portion of this unit.
  • Comes in four different colors so that the only exposed portion of the unit will most likely match the surrounding grade.
  • Comes with instruction manual and a one year limited warranty.
  • The end result is a decorative foundation vent.
  • Depth: 13″; Height: 13.5″; Width: 28″

Instructions / Assembly PDF