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Sigma DG’s Fiberglass Form Ties

Cascade Concrete Accessories is proud to announce that we now carry Sigma DG’s Fiberglass Form Ties:

“Over the past 25 years fiberglass form ties have done little in the way of innovation. They have always been a product of last resort due to pricing and lack of ancillary products to allow them to be used easily and effectively. That all changes NOW!

Sigma’s 400 series fiberglass form tie is made from our robust 0.400 inch (10mm) fiberglass rod. The 1000 series is made from the same chemistry with a diameter of 1.000 inches. Our proprietary thread is ground into the solid fiberglass rod to create the strongest fiberglass thread on the market. This enables contractors to simply thread on a nut to create a form tie instead of using complicated and cumbersome wedge gripping products. By threading the bolt we eliminate hassle for both the contractor and distributor, and we make it as easy to use as steel ties! Of further importance, there is zero slip once load is applied, eliminating a worrysome issue regarding other fiberglass ties.”

Advantages of fiberglass form ties are:

– Easy stripping and finishing of form work – see our new add ons to the tie!
– No rust bleed through
– Ancillary products to expand YOUR forming opportunities: “A” brackets, tilt up products, & high capacity
– Very light weight
– Perfect for custom size ties / cut to length in the field
– Zero patching labor and expense
– Non-magnetic

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